Kit Components

The following components make up a Stainless Cabling System.

316 Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade Components. Our kits include all components required for Decks, Fences, stairs and Balconies. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal cabling installations.

Our Patented Timber Screw Spigots are suitable for use on timber as well as brick and concrete walls using plugs, gyprock stud bearers behind wall, stud walls and interframe studs.

Timber Post System.

The timber post cable system replaces unattractive, bulky conventional fittings by allowing the steel cables to be drilled directly into the timber balustrade. (Swaging service available for complete cable assemblies).

Timber screw spigot for wooden posts
Timber Screw Spigot system.
Wire Balustrade Wood Screw Spigot
Wood Screw Spigot

Steel Post System.

The steel post cable system is easy to install and suits any square or hollow section, as well as flat or angle posts. The results speak for themselves! (Swaging service available for complete cable assemblies).

Steel Post Spigot System
Steel Post Spigot System.
Wire Balustrade Steel Post Spigot
Steel Post Spigot

Timber or Steel post Spigots used in Horizontal or Vertical Kit Systems.

Wire Balustrade Spanner Tensioning Kit

Spanner Tensioning Kit For Timber & Steel Applications

Wood Screw Spigot Drive Bit
Wood Screw Spigot Drive Bit For Timber Post Wood Screw Spigots.
Wire Balustrade Timber Post Twin Cut Counter Bore Bit
Timber Post / Rail Twin Cut Counter Bore Bit
Wire Balustrade Intermediate Post Grommets

Intermediate Post Rubber Grommets for Timber or Steel Horizontal Cabling Kis.

What Compents are in my Kit:
Please note:
Quotes supplied will include:
Spigots as appropriate for your installation.
High Quality 316 (Marine Grade) 3.2mm 1×19 Stainless Steel Cable.
Cables cut and Fitted with Swage Studs.

Rubber Grommets if applicable to your system.
Any Accessories you have selected in your Worksheet.
Bevelled Washers if applicable in Horizontal angled (eg: Stairs) Steel post Systems.
Delivery to you.