Frequntelty Asked Questions.

Frequently asked Questions:

Wire Balustrade frequently asked questions, help to find the information you need when considering wire balustrade kits. Consider Balustrade regulations, Kit configuration and How to get a quote?
Please note when considering your Wire Balustrade Installation requirements.
Local councils can provide guidance on:
Materials you can you use in your Balustrade System.
If you are in a fire zone there may be timber post regulations.
Pool and water Surround requirements (Vertical Systems Usually apply).
Height of Deck regulations regarding the use of either Horizontal Wire Balustrade Kit systems or Vertical Wire Balustrade Kit Systems.
Stainless Cabling Systems Wire balustrade kits meet all Australian Building Code Requirements. Certified to meet all BCA (Building Codes of Australia) Requirements for Australian Standards AS1657.
Our stainless steel Spigots are made in house and pateneted to us:
Australian Patent # 2004235679.

Is this system made from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel?
Yes, all our systems and components are made of 316 grade stainless steel.
Can I install this system myself?
Yes, all our systems have been designed for easy installation.
What tools will I require to install your stainless steel wire balustrade kit?
For metal posts you would only require the stainless steel spanner set (set of three). For timber posts a counter borebit, Phillips drive bit and stainless steel spanner set, all of which are available to purchase. Note: tool kit is only required once.
What type and size of wire can I use?
We recommend 1 X 19 strand, 3.2mm, 316 grade stainless steel only as it has the least amount of flex and is more durable.
What are the spacings between cables?
For Australia, if your deck is more than one metre and less than four metres off the ground you will require cable spacings of 80mm which equates to 11 cables if your post Height is 960mm. For decks that are more than four metres off the ground you would have to run the cable vertically. Please see our Vertical Cabling systems Page.
Can I run this system vertically?
Can I run cable around corners in a Horizontal Cable run?
NO. Cable of 1 X 19 strand can NOT be run around corners. Whenever there is a change in angles you have to change the fittings.
Can I run cable through intermediate posts in a Horizontal cable run?
Yes, if it is in a straight run. If the cable comes to you already swaged to the swage studs, you will require for metal posts a 8.5mm hole with the use of a grommet and a 10mm hole for timber posts. Once again, grommets are used to seal the hole in the timber and keep moisture out.

How do I obtain a quote ?
To recieve a quote please choose your application requirement, Horizontal or Vertical. Please fill in and return the worksheet available on the page and we will supply you with a full quote including delivery to your site. All components and accessories will be included as per your worksheet requirements.
How long will my order take?
Stainless Cabling Systems delivers straight to your door. Orders are dispatched within 1 to 3 working days and delivery to you is (dependant on location) from time of dispatch.

I still need more information regarding stainless cabling kits and components.
Send us your contact details and a brief description so we can contact you and offer assistance. Click on this Link to our Contact us page.