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Easy Installation > The 7 Steps

Stainless Cabling Systems provide a timber screw spigot system between timber posts that is quick and easy to install and eliminates the use of cumbersome items such as eyebolts, shackles and turnbuckles, etc.

Also available are wood screw spigots to steel post spigots. This enables the use of Stianless Cabling Systems between timber and hollow steel post combinations and steel to steel hollow post combinations. A drill, counter sink bit, Phillip's head drive bit and tension spanners can be purchased with your order if required. This set is not a requirement but provides all the pieces for easy installation once acquired.

Step 1 Step 1

Make up a template to pre-drill the posts with even spacings. Any old fence paling will do. This reduces time of measuring each hole to be drilled for each post.

Step 2Step 2

Drill each hole from template using a 1/8 drill bit

Step 3 Step 3

Using the counter bore drill bitCounter Bore Drill Bit, drill approximately 9-10mm in depth of the counter bore drill bit.

Step 4Step 4

Insert the Phillips drive bitDriver Bit into timber spigotWood Spigot or timber bullet and ensure to apply pressure to secure the fitting into the post. Drive the component into the timber post until the lip of the spigot sits flush with the post (bullet does not have lip and sits inside the counterboard recess as in Step 3).

Allow component to rotate as this is the tensioning system.

There is one spigot for each outside post. The cable will pass through all the intermediate posts.

Step 5Step 5

If passing cable through intermediate posts, drill a 10mm hole straight through all intermediate posts.

Remove the 8mm AF lock nut from the swage studSwage Stud and slide a rubber grommetGrommet over the stud and cable. One grommet on entry & exit of the intermediate post. After the cable has passed through the post, push the grommet into the post using a small flathead screwdriver or similar.

Once grommets are installed ensure to refit the 8mm AF lock nut onto the swage stud terminal.

Step 6 Step 6

Turning the timber spigotWood Spigot clockwise by hand, tension the pre-swaged cable and swage studSwage Stud. This is done at both outside posts.

Step 7Step 7

Using cable spannersSpanners, hold the swage stud with spanner #1 and rotate the timber spigot or bullet clockwise with spanner #2 until the required tension is achieved.

To lock the system off, hold the spigot or bullet with spanner #2 (do not rotate) and tighten the 8mm AF locking nut with spanner #3.

Download Instruction Guide :: The 7 Steps

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Install Guide > The 7 Steps : : includes Timber and Metal Post Instructions

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Stainless Cabling Systems Download Guide

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Includes Timber Post as well
as Metal Post instructions

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